The complexities of today’s tax system demand specialist advice to ensure effective tax management solutions for your future.

Here At Tax Time we have Accountants who specialize in the preparation of personal income tax returns. Our aim is to ensure the lowest tax legally payable for all our clients.

From just $126.50 you can have the peace of mind knowing your individual tax return has been completed by a professional who will help you minimise the tax you pay – the legal way!  Our tax return service is available at our Browns Plains office.

To ensure an efficient and smooth tax return please go through our Tax Return Checklist and bring along the relevant documents.


You should always claim any fees with relation to the preparation of your tax return. Some of our clients drive 50 kilometers or more for our advice. They can also claim the mileage to do that.

Our prices start at $126.50 for a basic tax return and increase as the complexity of the return develops.


Let’s say that you have two Payment Summaries and a Log book with receipts – that may cost you $220 for the extra work involved with the return, however your friend may have been exactly the same but he was charged only $160.00.

He may have had all Receipts and logbook correctly compiled, added up and taken up less time than you. The fee comes down the more organised you are and more often you use us.

The more informed you are the better the interview goes, please feel free to ask for a quote and we will be happy to provide an expected fee for the service to be provided.

The most basic of returns can take less than 10 minutes, if the work required to be done takes more than 30 minutes though, we let you go and work on the file without you to arrange for another day to come back in to sign when complete.

We have many clients that live overseas and based interstate, or simply work too many hours and can’t see us when we are open, so YES, we are happy to work through your application online.

If you choose to deal with the tax return yourself, make sure you have it complete by end of October (i.e. if the financial year ends in June 2022 you would need to lodge within the next 4 months), but if you use a Tax Agent the deadline is the end of March the following year.


Want to discuss your tax return? Contact us today and one of our professional staff will be in touch soon.