Your greatest asset in life is your ability to earn an income – so why wouldn’t you insure it? Imagine you stopped getting paid tomorrow. How long would you be able to cope financially? Bills won’t stop coming in and you may have significant medical costs depending on why you are not working. Also if you have any debts, the bank won’t stop charging interest. But accidents happen – so do illnesses.

In fact one out of every three Australians will be unable to work for more than three months at some stage in their lives because of sickness or injury (Source: Institute of Actuaries – Report to the Disability Committee, May 1995).

Income Protection or Sickness and Accident Cover will pay you a percentage (up to 80%) of your pre-tax income if you can’t work because of sickness and injury. This money could go a long way to keeping your household, or your business, running while you concentrate on your recovery.

Did you know?
Income protection or Sickness and Accident Cover premiums may be tax-deductible, which could significantly reduce the effective cost of your insurance.