An absolute must for any business is a comprehensive succession plan. It will not only ensure your business can continue to prosper, but families and estates are provided for in the event of a director’s death or disablement.

Business Succession Plans or Partnership Agreements(Buy/Sell Agreements) can avoid lengthy court disputes over the value of a deceased director’s business share or ensure your family is paid the correct amount immediately if the worst were to happen to key persons of business.

Don’t risk business assets being diminished through solicitor fees or banks not lending the surviving director the funds they need to pay their estate out.

With features such as pre-agreed purchase price, tax deductible premiums and competitive rates, this is a must for any business and Duncan can document these arrangements to be either owned personally, by the company even through a trust or hybrid setup.

If something ever happened to your business partner, who would end up running your company … you, his wife, her husband or their family? – Talk to the expert Duncan.