This is a free service to Tax Time Clients or its affiliated business of FITTER Financial Services and MGR Lawyers or Home Loan Essentials.

When a Partnership breaks down, the issue of money soon becomes a very well discussed subject and not always on the friendliest of terms. Partnerships, Trusts and Companies, (really anything that shares a joint goal that has assets involved) are like marriages…they all end, either via death or divorce as they always have an infinite life term.

We know that it costs everyone a lot when a partnership breaks down, so there is no need to compound the costs by arguing with each other. Let us be the “Sounding Board” or the “Mediator” to ensure that those in the partnership can work through the separation as smoothly as possible.

“Why is this Service Free?” is usually a question that is raised. Simply put, it’s free because we like to see clients (even though separating) work out their issues amicably and therefore the opportunity for new “Single” clients can be part of Tax Time, Home Loan Essentials or FITTER Financial Services or MGR Lawyers.

Before you sit down with anyone, call us here at Tax Time and ask for Duncan Perkins, who will ensure that you will get the professional help that you deserve and point you in the right direction.